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Explore the AXILE paradigm shift • AXILE Cyber-X

Stay safe but be informed!

Sorry you missed AXILE Cyber-X. We will have the site back up soon as a valuable resource for your evaluation of AXILE.

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Virtual Trade Show for Aerospace, Aircraft, Automotive, Medical, Mold/Die

September 14th - 21st, 2020

Q :What is AXILE Cyber-X?

A: COVID has forced the loss of valuable decision making tools and IMTS  is gone for two years.  Where can you safely investigate changes in the market with the opportunity to see equipment, technology and what the future holds for profitability? Stop by our AXILE CYBER-X virtual booth and browse at your leisure for 7 days or 7 minutes, beginning September 14th - 21st 2020.  You control what you wish to see and how you wish to interact with the AXILE Cyber-X platform.

Q: How does it work?

A: Like any trade show, the AXILE CYBER-X Virtual booth requires registration for access. Once you register the show runs for 7 days.  You can stop at the virtual booth anytime during those 7 days and return as often as you wish.

Q:  What will I see?

A: You will have access to everything including: our factory and production lines, see machine construction in detail, view interactive features and details of our AXILE I4.0 platform, explore the patented AXILE ART™ System, see real time cutting demonstrations, ask questions and receive answers, explore the entire AXILE machine lineup.

Q: What are the benefits to my company?

A: Bring yourself and your staff up to date on the current level of technology available from AXILE 5-Axis Technology and our stunning patented AXILE I4.0  and ART™ technology.

Q: Will special show pricing be available?

A: Absolutely! Any quote you receive from CNC System Sales, Inc. during the show will have special reduced show pricing and will be honored for months after the show.

Q: Is this the future of the machine tool industry?

A: Consider the investment of time, travel expenses, hotel bills, and everything else associated with attending a trade show or open house.  We have made that investment for you with the construction of the AXILE CYBER-X platform.  You determine how and when you use it from September 14th through September 21st 2020.

Q: What does it cost?

A: It only requires your effort to register. Once registered you are free to attend at your leisure. Register now by hitting one of the two links on this page! We will pass our trade show savings onto you, our customers! Use our AXILE Cyber-X registration link to secure your spot and savings in the future!

AXILE • Price and Performance Perfected

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