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AXILE ROI5X Business Model

The AXILE Machine platform is fully integrated with AXILE Industrie 4.0 technology.  This technology integrates over 100 onboard sensors through our AXILE Industrie 4.0 computer, The information is then processed through the AXILE patented Industrie 4.0 algorithm. The information is compared to historic data in our factory server database.  This allows us to make remote diagnostics, updates, adjustments and provides full predictive maintenance to the end user.

Likewise our extensive data base of maintenance procedures provides for user friendly repairs if required by almost any competent service technician.

Our low "no-haggle" pricing is included in our standard proposal with you having the ability to control all attendant costs with full disclosure.

You will interface with expert consulting engineers over the telephone or video conferencing for all aspects of the sale, eliminating the need for "hit and miss" salesman and their large overhead that increases cost.

Turnkey project information will be harvested by our consulting engineers and  passed to the factory for pricing and/or execution or we will provide a referral to competent, time proven, local integrators that you will engage directly without ROI5X creating needless mark-ups.

AXILE Technology is unmatched in the industry.  We utilize the highest quality spindles and 5-Axis components provided by Kessler.  Our control offerings include Siemens and Heidenhain and we are the 6th largest consumer of these controls in the world.  Our other components are all European and fully CE compliant. Our installed base in other parts of the world is enormous including both Europe, China, Russia, Korea and the Far East.

Our spare parts are inventoried in the USA for 24 hour delivery.  Industrie 4.0 technology prevents unexpected service therefore most downtime is pre-scheduled.

AXILE • Performance and Price Perfected

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