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Axile G8 5-Axis Machine

Axile Industrie 4.0


5-Axis Machine Tools




Axile ROI5X Mission Statement

Return On Investment 5X (ROI5X) is dedicated to creating a long needed paradigm shift in the way machine tools are marketed in the United States..  Technology today is "State of the Art" and it is being encumbered by high prices imposed on the buyer due to 1950's era marketing practices. These practices dramatically and unnecessarily reduce the customers bottom line profits!

Think about the major paradigms shifts that have occurred in your daily life from Uber, cell phones, big box stores and online business offerings. Ask yourself, What am I actually paying for?  We encourage you to explore this site to see exactly what you are paying for and discover how you can change it in the future.

AXILE • Performance and Price Perfected

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