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What Technology makes AXILE a superior choice

• Robust Meehanite Cast Construction

• Casting Design w/Modal Analysis & Testing

• Double Roller Type Linear Ways

• Headstock supported by three roller ways

• Kessler V-100 Series QCC Spindle

• QCC Spindle Rotor change in 30 minutes

• Kessler Trunnion w/Dual Torque Motor Drive

• Electrical components are CE certified

• High Resolution Encoder with  access cover

• Spindle and Linear Motors are cooled (Std)

• Machine interior all Stainless Steel

• 96 Tools USA (Std) and expandable

* High Pressure Coolant (70 Bar) USA (Std)

• Open bridge design w/APC rear access

• Maintenance Bay for easy access.

• Superior Trunnion & Spindle Horsepower

• 100 Onboard I4.0 sensors factory mounted

• Turning Function (Opt MT) w/1,500 RPM

• German Dittel MT Fixture Balancing System

• Pallet System options: Dual, Pool and FMS

• Robotic Loading available

• Additive Technology available

• Ergonomic Design for operator access

• I4.0 Algorithm to maximize Feedrate

• I4.0 Agorithm  Collision Prevention

• I4.0 Algorithm Predictive Maintenance

• I4.0 Algorithm internet access for machine

• I4.0 allows access over any smart device

• I4.0 Interfaces with  in-house ERP System

• Heidenhain 640 Control Standard

• Siemen 840 Control Optional

• Fanuc available but doesn't support I4.0

AXILE • Performance and Price Perfected

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